A Day In the Life of a Freelance Writer

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… or I should say, a day in the life of this freelance writer because every freelancer writer’s day is different. Every day is slightly different for me, but what I’m about to share with you is the shape most of my days take. 

Here’s What My Day Looks Like

6:00 am – Wake up, drink my tea, read email, and read a few e-books. 

6:45 am – Take medication and get ready to work out.

7:00 am – Work out

7:35 am  – Shower

7:45 am – Get dressed 

8:00 am – Eat

8:15 am – Blow dry hair

8:30 am –  Look at more emails and Facebook, and make any calls that need to be made before I start the day

9:00 am – Start writing or looking for work if I don’t have any to do. 

Noon – Break for lunch and a little TV

1:00 pm (approximately)  – go back to work until 6:00 most days.

6:00 pm – Finish for the day – crochet, watch tv, eat dinner, and wind down

10:00 pm – Bed 

This is what my day looks like most days – I try to work from 9 am until noon, then 1  pm until 6 pm. Sometimes I have to take time off during the day for appointments, if it hasn’t been a busy week I might finish early on Friday. 

Do I work on Saturdays and Sundays?

Yes, but not in my business. Saturdays I try to spend working on my business – writing blog posts, looking for jobs, or looking at ways to save money in my business while I’m still trying to make a profit. And I don’t spend as much time working on those things as I do writing looking for jobs. 

I also don’t usually spend as much time working on Saturdays and Sundays – I might spend a few hours in the morning and/or afternoon, in between relaxing a bit and getting things done that I need to do before the next week starts. 

Do I work when I’m on vacation?

Only if I have a deadline to meet, and it’s close. I don’t like to work on vacation if I can avoid it, so I try to get everything done before I leave; that’s usually the only time I might work past 6:00 pm if I have to. 

That’s what a typical day is like for me. If you’re interested in having a high-quality piece of content written about your products or services, feel free to contact me about setting up a time when we can discuss your content needs. 

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