Update for the Week Ending 8/28/16




Good evening! I’ve had a good week this week in all areas of my life, take a look:

Health/Workouts – I’m continuing to do my workouts, all are going well. This week’s Legs and Back workout ended up getting replaced by a Pilates workout for abs and back because I was feeling to lazy to get all the equipment out that I was going to need for the legs and back workout…need to remember to start getting things ready the previous evening so I have less to do in the morning.

Writing – I wrote a bunch of posts for Work at Home Adventures under the new owner, you can see the ones that have been published here:

I also wrote an update to my post on Fiverr that I wrote a while back, you can see it where it says “Update 23-Aug-2016”:

I also uploaded my latest eBook to Amazon – I haven’t launched it yet because I want to do a few other things first, but those who want to check it out can do so here:


I’ve actually already had one sale on it, from France of all places, and I haven’t even really advertised it!

Coaching program/business progress: I had my third coaching session last Saturday, things are going real well with that. I’ve started setting up and “staging” my new website – as I said last week, I do plan to launch my new website, ericalynnmartin.com soon, as soon as I do I will post an update on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t follow me on those social networking sites, you can do so here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ericaswritings/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emartin1974

Other: As some of you know, Kevin and celebrated 13 years of marriage on August 28th. We we got Chinese for lunch, got hair cuts, then got Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, then came back home and watched some TV.  I know, not the most exciting day, but it worked for me.

I’m looking forward to this week, it should be a good week for me. Hope everyone has a great week as well!


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