My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 12/13/15


Good morning! Hope everyone had a great week. I didn’t  make any progress on my own eBooks this week, but I did get another eBook writing project from one of my Upwork clients this week, plus I’ve been working on some other writing and transcription projects – one of my main goals for 2016 is to get more freelance writing and transcription work, and luckily I’ve been successful at doing that. I also got some response to the MyBlogU brainstorming project I posted last week about ideas for my Some of my Favorite Books monthly posts that I want to write, Here are some of the ideas that people contributed:

  • January – new beginnings
  • February – spring, crocuses, daffodils
  • March – Irish ancestry
  • May – Trees, tulips, flowers
  • June – holiday planning, early vacations, weddings/major commitments, outdoors, climate change
  • July – summer, vacations, time away
  • August – farms, crops ripening, long summer holidays, ice cream, learning a new skill
  • September – Autumn, leaves, harvest
  • October – Dark nights
  • November – Weather, rain, cold, open fires
  • December – winter solstice, astronomy, concluding the year, planning

You probably noticed I left April out of this  list, and that was intentional, because I didn’t receive any new ideas for April, and that’s fine, I already had some ideas.  I’m looking forward to writing blog posts about books on these topics. Thanks to all who contributed ideas!

This coming week I plan to work on finishing up a few freelance writing projects  I’m working on, then the following two weeks I’ll be taking off from doing any freelance writing (though I may still do a little transcription) to get ready for the holidays.

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