Commonly Misspelled Words Beginning with the Letter D

This week’s post is about the letter D. There are many words beginning with letter D that are commonly misspelled. Some contain double or silent consonats; others vowels that could be mistaken for other vowels.

History of the Letter D

The letter D is similar to the Semitic letter daleth and the Greek letter delta. People think the letter derives from an early pictogram possibly of Egyptian origin which resembles the folding door of a tent.

Commonly Misspelled Words

  • dachshund
  • daughter
  • debacle
  • decadent
  • decagon
  • deceit
  • deep-seated
  • deferential
  • deferred
  • definitely
  • dependent
  • depose
  • descend
  • describe
  • description
  • desirable
  • despair
  • desperate
  • detrimental
  • devastation
  • develop
  • development
  • diagonal
  • diameter
  • dictionary
  • difference
  • dilettante
  • diligence
  • dimension
  • dining
  • disappearance
  • disappoint
  • disastrous
  • discipline
  • discrimination
  • disdainfully
  • disguise
  • dispel
  • dispensable
  • dissatisfied
  • disservice
  • distinguish
  • diversified
  • dormitory
  • drugged
  • drunkenness

So next time you’re in a debacle about how to spell a word beginning with the letter “D”, and you don’t have a dictionary nearby, be sure to consult this list.

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