Common Redundant and Wordy Phrases


We may not realize it, but some of the phrases we use every day in our writing repetitive. Some freelance writers get so caught up in trying to reach the word count for their article or blog post that they’ll insert extra words just to get there. Others may use wordy or redundant phrases because they think they sound more authoritative. This post will provide examples of some of these wordy phrases, along with explanations of why they’re repetitive wordy.

Redundant phrases

  • Advance planning – all planning is done in advance.
  • Ask the question – Questions are the only thing you can ask.
  • Assemble together – you can’t assemble something apart – if you take it apart you’re disassembling it.
  • Cash money – Cash isn’t anything but money – delete one or the other.
  • Combined together – two things that are combined most be together – delete together.
  • Each and every – both these words mean the same thing. Delete one.
  • End result – The result always comes at the end.
  • Fewer in number – As opposed to fewer in what else?
  • Green in color – Green is a color.
  • Large in size – As a opposed to large in what else?
  • Mix together – just as with combined together, it’s impossible to mix something apart.
  • Month of May (or any other month) – Everyone knows that May (or June, or July, etc) is a month.
  • Rectangular in shape – if something is rectangular, that is its shape. Delete “in shape.”
  • Same identical – something that’s the same is identical – delete one or the other.
  • Sum total – a sum is a total. Delete one or the other.

Wordy phrases

PhraseSuggested Subsitute
A small number ofA few
Due to the fact thatSince, because
Give consideration toConsider
In a timely mannerPromptly, on time
Reach a conclusionConclude, end, finish
Until such time asUntil
With regard toConcerning, about

Eliminating extra words from redundant phrases and substituting different words for wordy phrases can help make writing read better and sound clearer. When writing an article, essay or blog post, be sure to read it over, and maybe have another person read it over, to weed them out. Then, change them or eliminate them to clarify your writing.

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