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Looking for Writing Inspiration? Check out the Book “1,100 Ways to Write Your Story”

If you’re trying to get into the habit of writing every day, but not sure what to write about, there are several ways you can get inspiration. All the best writers are good readers, so you could always look for inspiration in the things you read. You can also write about things that happened to you, and what you learned from them. You can also […]

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Three Unique Ways to Work from Home – a Mini Review of “The Side Hustle Path” by Nick Loper

In this blog post, I wanted to discuss what I thought were three unique ways to work from home that I found out about when I read the book “The Side Hustle Path,” by Nick Loper. These aren’t the only three that Nick discusses in the book, but I thought they were worth ┬ámentioning. The three ways are by driving people where they need to […]

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My Review of “Slipstream Time Hacking” by Benjamin Hardy

I recently downloaded this book from Amazon – for those of you who don’t know, I love books about personal development and goal setting (among other subjects!) and this one caught my attention because of the title – it made me think of something out of Star Trek. As I started to read the book, I found that it offered a different way of looking […]

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