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My Beachbody Transformation Journey Talks with a Vegetarian

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian?  What motivates someone to become vegetarian or vegan? I decided to find that out for myself by posting those questions on a website I like to use, MyBlogU, and this is the feedback I got from the one person that answered those questions.  Q. Why did you decide to become vegetarian or vegan?  A. Kari (Blogger And […]

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Do You Prefer to Eat Three Larger Meals or a Bunch of Small Meals? Why?

Since I’m out of town today, I decided to do something different. I’ve been collecting opinions from people on whether they prefer to eat three larger meals or a bunch of smaller meals, and why. Both eating styles have their advantages and disadvantages – eating several smaller meals over the course of the day can be better for people who have certain health problems, or […]

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