A Behind the Scenes Look at How I Started Freelance Writing

Some people dread writing – they completely hate it. To some extent, I agree with them. The truth is, I didn’t start out wanting to write for a living. When I was young, I enjoyed spelling and English, and I especially enjoyed creative writing. My love of writing started to go away though, probably around the time I had to start doing research writing in elementary school. I HATED writing reports, at least in elementary school. Still, I did well on most of them, mostly because my parents kicked my butt and made sure I did well on them. My love of writing re-emerged a little bit when I started doing more creative writing again in fourth grade. 

As I went through school, I still had to do plenty of research writing, but I started enjoying it a little more because I got to choose the topics for some of the projects. I also had chances to do some creative writing in junior high and high school. In 11th grade though, the focus shifted from doing creative writing to doing writing that would prepare us for college. That mostly meant learning to write essays. I started to learn about how to write more informatively and less creatively. I learned some rules that confused me, like that I should eliminate as many forms of “to be” as possible – why would I want to take out that verb? I learned later that most times, there are better action verbs that can take its place. 


In college, I continued doing a lot of research writing.  And since most of the writing I was doing was on topics I chose, I enjoyed it. I decided to pursue writing and language as a minor, because I thought it would go along well with my chosen major, which was French. As a result, I got to take some different types of writing classes, as well as a few introductory linguistics classes. I took Introduction to Journalism, which I didn’t care for but did pretty well in. I also took a few creative writing courses – one for poetry and another for fiction. I didn’t enjoy the poetry class but loved the fiction class because I got to write fiction again, this time on a larger scale than I had in elementary and middle school. 

I also discovered email and the Internet in college, and after I graduated from college and tried to find a job with my French degree, I started writing for different blogs online. I really started to enjoy writing again. I learned how to write for the web through trial and error. It was similar to the writing learned to do in my last two years of high school and in college. I also learned how important it was to use keywords so people could find my writing.

Finding My First Work from Home Job

In 2003, I found my first legitimate work from home job. I had been looking for work from home opportunities for a while, and finally found one taking calls for different companies. They included HSN, Pizza Hut, and various infomercials. That job lasted just 8 months. I found another work from home job after that one, doing data entry from home. Since then, I’ve worked for several different companies from home and learned a lot about the challenges of working from home. 

I also started doing paid writing on the web. I made money through several sites, including Textbroker and Associated Content. I still continued to write for different blogs, including my own. In 2013, I published my first eBook, which was about my work from home journey and the lessons I’d learned up to that point. While I don’t publish as many eBooks anymore, I still continue to write for the web. I’ve expanded my expertise to include press releases (the dreaded journalistic-type writing which I hated in college), and product descriptions. Each of these types of writing has its own challenges, but I’ve managed to overcome them and learn how to write each of these different types of content.  If you’re looking for someone to write content for your website, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you! 

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